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Accessibility Policy

1.  There are two ramps into the Clubhouse – the front entrance and the south side at the Pro Shop.  A staff member will always be able to assist you in accessing the premises.

2.  We also have wheelchair accessible washrooms.


3.  Service animals are welcome on our premises, as are support persons for no charge.


4.  We will post on our website if any temporary disruptions to our facility or services would limit the accessibility of anyone with disabilities.


5.  We welcome comments as to our ability to accommodate people with disabilities.  We take any complaints very seriously and do our best to rectify the situation promptly.


6.  All staff are trained on the special features at the club to enable all people with disabilities to be comfortable in our facility.

Alcohol Policy


1. No person under the age of 19 will be served alcohol.

2. All persons who appear under the age of 25 will be asked for I.D.

3. No person who appears intoxicated will be served alcohol and Silver Lakes reserves the right to cease service to anyone who appears to be getting intoxicated.  If you arrive at Silver Lakes intoxicated you will not be allowed into areas of alcohol service.

4. No person is allowed to bring his or her own alcohol onto Silver Lakes property, which includes the golf course, the parking lot and the Clubhouse.  Silver Lakes reserves the right to check your golf bag or other bags if it has a reasonable belief that you have brought your own alcohol onto the property.  If you are found with your own alcohol, the alcohol will be confiscated and you may be asked to leave.

5. Drinking and driving is a serious offence.  Any person who appears intoxicated will be asked how he or she intends to leave Silver Lakes. If the person is known or suspected to have driven a motor vehicle to the Club, he or she will be asked to give the keys to the vehicle to a staff member of the Club until such time as the person is sober. If the person refuses to give the keys to the motor vehicle and there is a reasonable belief that the person will drive the motor vehicle while intoxicated, the police will be called.


6. A golf cart is a motorized vehicle that requires a driver’s licence to drive.  Drinking and driving a golf cart is the same as drinking and driving a motor vehicle.


7. Any person who is abusive or disruptive will be asked to leave Silver Lakes property, and if he or she refuses, the police will be called.

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