Book a Tee Time

You can book a tee time online through the Silver Lakes website using the “BOOK A TEE TIME” tool

(scroll down to bottom of webpage).



1.    You may already have a Chronogolf profile, in which case, when you "book a tee time" you can sign in as a "Member" (of Chronogolf).  If you are new to Chronogolf, you will be asked to sign in as "Visitor."  You will not be able to finish your booking until you set up a profile. 

2.    You will be asked for your name, telephone number, email address and credit card number when you set up your profile. 

3.    Your credit card details will be used to hold the tee time and lock the rate – your card will not be charged.

4.    You can pay in person when you arrive at check-in in the Pro Shop.  It is easier to pay in person if you are not sure who you may be playing with or if you are playing with certain player types with different golfing privileges (such as Juniors, Seniors or League or other Members) or any time payment adjustments have to be made at check-in.  However, prepaying is an option we have made available in the current health crisis to reduce touch points with staff.

If you have a Corporate Pass or other promotion, you can still book online but please DO NOT prepay, since the golf has already been paid for.  Please ignore the pricing you may see online.  Please adhere to the booking restrictions of the promotion, if any.  If not, you may be charged an upgrade fee when you check in.

We prefer not to take payments on the phone as it’s extremely time-consuming – however, we do offer it as an option.  Please note, if paying on the phone, we will be taking payment from one person for ALL MEMBERS of your group.  We will allow individual payment if you are a single.  All payment methods are accepted.

5.    Once your profile is set up, this information will populate automatically when booking a tee time making subsequent booking fast and convenient.  If you prefer doing everything on your mobile, you can download the free app “Chronogolf by Lightspeed,” which will make booking on your mobile quick and easy.  Your personal information is protected within a safety-assured booking site.  Under no circumstances will Silver Lakes sell, trade or share your private information with third or inquiring parties.


1.    You will then be asked to (a) pick the number of players and then (b) pick a tee time.   FYI you can book 14 days in advance.

2.    You will then be asked to choose “Player Type” for each player. 

We have the following Player Types - (a)  Adult – our standard booking; (b)  Senior 65+ (c)  Junior under 18 - these are open to the public.

Members have their own player types (d) Early Bird Member (e) Weekday Member (f) Twilight Member (g) Mens League Member.  You will not see Member categories unless you are a Member.  Mens League can only book online from a specific date/time and Ladies League cannot book online but must call in to book a tee time.  

If you are not sure of which Player Type, just book as "Adult" and when you arrive and check in, our staff can assign each player to the appropriate category and the prices will automatically correct.

3.    You can add the names and details of the other players if you have this information.  If you play with the same people frequently, the information will automatically populate (into “buddy lists” making booking tee times in the future easier).



1.    You can then add in whether you will be needing a powercart.  You can also add any merchandise you may need such as a golf balls.  You should get an email confirmation of your booking.


1.  Please arrive 20 minutes before your tee time and come to the Pro Shop to be checked in.  The Pro Shop staff will assign each golfer to the correct Player Type at check-in and make sure the correct amount is paid.

2.  Access to power carts no more than 20 minutes before tee time.    


Given all the uncertainties due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we wanted to clarify a number of questions you might have about the upcoming season, and reassure you that we have Covid policies and procedures to keep you safe this season and the golf running smoothly. 


1.    Please maintain physical distancing at all times.  Hand sanitizer is available in the Clubhouse.  Please wash your hand frequently.  

Power carts are guaranteed before 9:30am if they are secured with your booking.  After 9:30am we cannot guarantee their availability. Starters will coordinate that power carts coming off the course are made available to the next golfer in the tee time booked. 

2.  PLEASE TIDY UP YOUR DIVOTS AND BALLMARKS.  We aim to maintain a private golf course standard whilst remaining public - please help keep Silver Lakes beautiful.  

3.    Online tee times are primarily intended for threesomes and foursomes.  All twosomes and singles will be paired with an adjoining group when possible.  You may wish to contact us for single-player bookings.  Singles can book online and pair up with an adjoining group, but will not be able to start a tee time booking on their own.  

4.  You may only book one tee time at a time.  If you wish to book another time, you must log out and log back in.

5.    When booking online, prices may differ from our posted prices as we may adjust pricing based on a number of factors (time, day of week, weather may all affect price).  Pricing may also change based on demand. 

6.  You are expected to complete play in 4.5 hours or less.  Failure to keep the desired pace will result in our Course Attendant requesting that you speed up play or ask you to skip a hole.

7.    Silver Lakes enforces a firm 24-hour cancellation policy.  Anytime prior to 24 hours before your tee time, you may cancel or modify your tee time with absolutely no penalty or fee.  However, if you change or modify the number of players booked for your tee time OR cancel past the 24-hour deadline or do not show up, subsequent changes will be charged to the credit card on record. 

Soft Spikes - Metal spike golf shoes are not permitted. Our staff will be able to assist with any conversions for a nominal fee.

Golf Clubs - You must have your own clubs - sharing is not permitted. Rental clubs are available at the Pro Shop.

Dress Code - No jeans, track pants or short shorts allowed. Pants must have a zipper and pockets; shirts must have a collar.

Raincheck - Every attempt will be made to ensure our golfers are safe from weather conditions. In the event that weather does interrupt play, a rain check will be made available. Credits or partial credit will not be made.