Meet Tim Green

Experience as a teacher is the process of accumulation.

When talking with Tim Green about his 25 years as a PGA of Canada Class A Professional, you’ll often find him bouncing back-and-forth between his time teaching golf, playing golf, and his time raising 4 children.

“Seeing how different people process their respective journey of learning golf often reminds me of watching the incredibly different styles and personalities of my kids. The beautiful backdrop to it all of this is that no one is the same – but each style and personality can draw from others to help them navigate their own personal path.”

“The path is unique, but the points of reference to draw from are universal”

Tim believes that when you teach – the process of communication is as important as the details of the lesson itself.

“One of the great beauties of instruction is having the correct X’s & O’s swing solution, but needing to understand which personality the student has, and which style of communication will land best with that student.