What a great 2 weeks in Ontario.

Coming out of the pandemic, there are some "like riding a bike" moments it seems. Things we haven't had access to for a couple years have returned, and we slide back into most of them easily - like a proverbial glove. Never missed a beat - right back at it.

Some other items haven't aged well through the massive worldwide shutdown and look destined to miss out on their big return.......we lived without them just fine as it turned out so stay on the bench if you don't mind.

Call it a monstrous palate cleansing of sorts.

Today is the start to that wonderful 2-week window in Ontario where we head into, and then out of, the Civic Long Weekend. The two weeks that every HR department hates as the vacation requests from their employees come fast & furious.

Ask any Campground or Marina about these 2 weeks and you'll get the same answer - PACKED! Full up. No rooms. Can't help you. Later in the summer? This is go time for the recreation & Leisure sector and Tourism Ontario couldn't be happier about it as we shake off these last 2 summers and get busy getting busy.

We missed these 2 weeks dearly and we are sliding back into them with ease - and excitement.

In Ontario, golf has always had an odd relationship with these 2 weeks. No major charity golf tournaments will mess with this window, and all those buddy/pal groups of 12-20 usually duck this window as well knowing most participants will have some fun family time inside here somewhere to enjoy.

Net result to you golfers? It's a perfect time to plan to play. The full speed cycle of activity at our Club will be knocked down a notch so plan accordingly. This is a mid-season refresher as we settle back into that pure foursome-by-foursome flow off our 1st tee. A classic back-to-basics ops reality for a couple weeks here at Silver Lakes so come and get us while the getting's good. Tee times are a bit easier to find and pace of play is usually pure as golfers show up, park their car, tee off, putt out, grab a drink and head back to their own 2-week Civic Weekend version of their lives.

So when you have a couple spare days to play inside an otherwise busy time these next two weeks - take advantage of it. Our course is definitely worth seeing at the moment with conditions at that perfect spot ..... a bit firm from a drier June & July and the sun still hanging high late in the day.

So add us to your list. As all good Ontarians, we will have some stuff to do these next two weeks but don't miss out on playing here - I hate to say it, but the season is never as long as you think it'll be, so get in some games during this mid-season refresher. Here at Silver Lakes.

For a tee time click here

Have a happy and safe Civic Long Weekend.

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