The Peanut

A lot of us in the golf industry call this part of a golf course a "peanut". If it was part of a highway it'd be called a Cloverleaf.

What is it? Simple - one of those places where multiple points converge. A hub of sorts - active with golfers coming and going in different directions.

Our peanut here at Silver Lakes appears after you putt out on #4. Put your putter back in the bag, hop in the cart, pull away and next thing you'll see is a hard right to the 5th tee. And the 7th tee to the left. And the 18th tee a bit further off. A hub of action and humanity. Our Peanut. It can be a bit confusing on shotgun starts but mostly it feels comforting - lotsa golfers and lotsa golf talk going in lotsa different directions.

What is it on July 1st? A perfect celebration of Canadiana! Canadians at their best doing what comes naturally - apologizing and deferring.

If you listen closely you'll hear that pure Canadian sound off in the distance - no it's not loons calling - it's golfers being their true Canadian selves. "Excuse me" "sorry" "you first" "when you're done" "hope I'm not bothering you" "was I too loud?" "great shot"

It's a little bastion of Canadian politeness and it's wonderful. There will be plenty of Canadiana for all of us to enjoy today - I suspect you haven't heard your last song from The Hip or Rush yet for the day. For Canadian golfers though - the "Peanut" is where our National instincts come to life!

Are we up? No, you first!

Happy Canada Day from the 5th...and 7th...and 18th tee decks at Silver Lakes Golf & Country Club.

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