Tee times and a moment for a lifetime

We've talked before about how cool it is seeing the many different faces our operation can have here on any given day. We had another one of those yesterday.

Both stories played out in our Clubhouse, really just separated by a single wall that divides our Main Banquet Hall from our Bistro.

We had a great tournament here going consecutively off the 1st tee in the morning. Foursome after foursome - Love to see it. And of course that same cadence flowed back into the building 4 hours later as each group putted out on 18 and processed into the Banquet Hall for Ribs 'n Chicken and more food and refreshments. Scorecards on tables, coulda-been stories all around, and laughs and prizes and celebration. The good stuff.

Lots of different groups and lots of different stories all played out like they should starting in 9 minute intervals off #1. No doubt plenty of them are back on a course somewhere today - golf's a great game that way. New day, new stories, more golf.

As that predictable pattern processed through, a much more unique story was coming to life in the Bistro. One of those singular moments in life. No patterns, no processes, nothing routine or predictable.

A proposal. Yes, a proposal of marriage. Spoiler alert - she said yes!

Our Bistro was transformed into a space that not only became a room that looked entirely unique from its daily presentation, but it delivered a scene that you don't see every day either. While there were many variations of the at-least-I'm-not-a-sandbagger saga going through their paces in the adjacent room, there was just one storyline in the Bistro. Well, more specifically, just one question!

Those golfers had a ball and they'll be playing again soon. The newly engaged couple made a single moment come to life and the next chapter of their journey has begun.

It's always neat and it's always satisfying and there's always a next day.

Today for us? A full tee sheet that'll see those golfers meander through the Bistro in their own time as it's back to its daily task of servicing food & drinks for golfers. As for the Banquet Hall, a bit of a bookend story for our Clubhouse as a wedding is set for this Bride and Groom to fulfill their own personal proposal story.

Fresh day. Fresh faces. Fresh stories.

Rooms are being turned over and the kitchen is hopping and the course is packed. The way we like it.

We'll see you soon here at Silver Lakes.

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