Summer Solstice at Silver Lakes

It's official. With June 21st complete and in our rear view mirror, we all know what that means - each day is now getting a tiny bit shorter than the day before.

A perfect time for a quick check-up.

A check-up, that is, to make certain you aren't doing what way too many of us Canadians do each Summer - play less golf than the we promised ourselves all winter long.

So let's look to the data. For the fun of this check-up we'll be presenting the storyline for 3 types of golfers. Those that promised themselves they'd play 25 rounds in 2022. 35 rounds. And 45 rounds.

Available inventory

We know we fluctuate our actual open & close dates here at Silver Lakes, but for the ease of a simple timeline let's say the golf season you are considering is from April 25 - October 20. So it looks like we have an available inventory of 178 days of golf for these respective groups of golfers to complete each of their 3 tasks.

Solstice yesterday was day #57

57 of 178 is 32% - we are 32% of our way through the 2022 golf season. Where do you stand?

25 rounds. To be keeping up you'd have had to play 32% of your goal - status check is? 8

35 rounds. To be keeping up you'd have had to play 32% of your goal - status check is? 11

45 rounds. To be keeping up you'd have had to play 32% of your goal - status check is? 14

Those cold dark winter days lend themselves to more than a few promises about the coming sunshine and warmth months. Lose a few pounds - finally plant that garden - and play more golf this year.

We hope you've dropped a couple and got the garden going, but we are most interested in every golfer playing golf. Especially if you set yourself a fun goal to work toward.

We obviously want you to play. Play more. And, oh yeah, play here at Silver Lakes along the way to your number.

We have a number. Our number here at Silver Lakes is simple and static - 18. We have our 18 holes in lovely condition each of these 178 days. You know what you'll get when you pick us. A solid layout in excellent condition with some great tree lines flanking you all day as you choose how you want to enjoy us. With a pal? In an event? Some family? On a cart? A healthy walk? Lunch afterward? Dunk a couple at the range? Grab a lesson? Sign up the kids for Camp?

As you choose! We're here waiting.

Times are busy - well, busier. It's gonna be easy to get distracted this summer so we'll keep you on-point as the year moves along to make sure you don't end up with that same look on your face we all have when the clocks Fall Back in November and the math doesn't add up.

So remember to play golf, play more golf - and make sure we are on the rotation because our 18 holes are smiling.

We will see you here at Silver Lakes G&CC.

You don't have to go far - to feel far away.

If you'd like to check on small or larger group golf availability this year - connect with Director of Golf Jon Kiru

If you'd like to check on clubhouse event booking availability this year - please connect with Shelley Lane

Jon & Shelley can be found here:

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