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OK. It's Sunday morning of the 2022 RBC Canadian Open. The cut's been made, moving day has done its job and things are getting serious on Islington Ave. There's an important trophy being polished. If you've been watching, you have likely noticed an awesome hole on the backside at St. George's all dressed up for the party. It's The Rink. It's fun. It also happens to be an incredible golf hole - the closing par 3 16th.

So, for a fun stretch - and since we at Silver Lakes also have a fun Par 3 hole with a cool handle - lets get down to the business of comparing #16 at St. George's today with our Par 3 7th that we fondly call The Runway.

If you want to keep score at home, or have an available reference when you watch later today, the course layout for the RBC Canadian Open at St. George's is here. Our score card at Silver Lakes is available here.

The Rink and The Runway

16 there and 7 here

We will have less signage & less gallery on our 7th today as opposed to the incredible theatre there at 16, but for a simple scorecard comparative let's look at the numbers. We have enough meat on the bone here to compare in the yardage category. 203 at The Rink and 204 here at The Runway.

Relax Silver Lakes golfers - our whites are a comfy 155 so don't pull any head covers off just yet.

While undulation is the story of the terrain at St. George's - we have a flatter piece of land here and rely on some tree-lines and water positioning to add a little spice across our property. As you'll find here at #7.

The course info page for the RBC Canadian Open says about #16:

If the hole wasn’t hard enough already, Stanley Thompson came back and added the rear bunkers to make sure every miss was objectionable. This is clearly the most difficult of all the par threes because it’s deceivingly uphill to one of the smallest greens featuring a massive false front.

The group getting a hot dog at the turn here at Silver Lakes says about #7:

"one of our 2 favourite par 3's on the front. That was the straight & narrow one wasn't it?"

Ever since the RBC Canadian Open introduced "the Rink" on #3 at Glen Abbey, each Open site assigns a par 3 the duties required of hosting as The Rink hole. It's a ton of fun and a fan favourite spot for sure. Rink boards and marshals in referee jerseys set the tone for an atmosphere you won't find anywhere else.

From a more purist competitive perspective, #16 at St. George's is plenty tough and it'll have something to say about how the leaders handle themselves coming through the last few holes of the RBC Canadian Open this afternoon.

Sadly, it's already left some Canadian scar tissue behind this week as Mike Weir bogeyed 16 Friday afternoon on his way to missing the cut by a single shot. The Rink is a handful for the best players in the world.

Our #7 The Runway here at Silver Lakes:

A simple but solid straightaway par 3 that mostly offers that confounding challenge - hit it straight and you'll be just fine. Like any hole that's dead straight and tree lined, pick your tee box with some wisdom - and some humility. The farther you go back, the longer The Runway gets. The good news is that, in homage to its nickname, there is no front bunker so any trajectory-challenged effort can bound its way up the hole toward the green.

Our 7th is straight. Our 7th is a bit narrow. Make sure you relax and enjoy the view. And try to hit it straight if you can.

Enjoy the RBC Canadian Open today! What an amazing show being put on by that great course and all the people at Golf Canada. It's been 2 long years and we missed this week very much. The Rink should have something to say about who ends up hoisting that trophy later today.

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