So, how was your weekend?

We hope it was great and if you missed out on playing some golf, you let a lovely weekend get away so make sure you catch up soon.

How was our weekend here at Silver Lakes you ask? Well, thanks for asking - it was wonderful. Maybe more appropriately, it was a wonderful template for how a Golf Club can serve a community looking for many different moments to share.

Friday kicked off with the sun shining bright and early. Our greens are growing fast & healthy right now and the first cut Friday morning brought out those 18 shining smiles. Our new Birch Bar Pavilion, adjacent to the Aqua range, was having its fridges filled for the 1st time waiting for its debutant efforts later that night.

Bring on the band

What else could a group of pals, 12 foursomes in all, need beyond a beautiful course, perfect weather and a semi-casual relationship to competitive golf? A Mariachi band of course. At the Aqua Range to start, then off to the 1st tee as the 12 groups teed off late morning. The Masters and the Open Championship have their own 1st tee process - the pageantry here Friday was a bit more relaxed!

Prom Night

At about the same time the Mariachi band was making certain everyone could hear where our 1st tee was - a whole bunch of young High School graduates were getting ready for their big night. Salons were filling up around town and the art of tieing a bow tie was being passed along to the next generation. These recent graduates were on their way here to Silver Lakes for that night they've been looking forward to for a long time. It was wonderful - dancing, laughing, smiles, hugs and talk of the future filled the night as the sun set and the stars appeared. It was great to see the youth of the community taking that first step to their next chapter.

Friday was a neat day at Silver Lakes G&CC.



Another lovely day - a bit cooler, but sunny and enjoyable none the less. Our tee sheets were packed and the 1st tee was steady teeing off our members and our public play visitors all day long. 18 holes and a hot dog anyone? Don't mind if I do.

Mid afternoon brought something quite special to our property. Family + tears & laughter & hugs & memories shared, as a beautiful life well-lived was celebrated in our Clubhouse. Family and friends held each other tight as everyone paid their tribute trying to say a difficult goodbye. These days bring people together - and these days bring perspective as well. It is always delicate to host, and the responsibility to ensure a seamless experience is shared by our entire staff. We were quite honoured to have been thanked so kindly by the family for playing our small part properly.


Sunday - High Tee? No, High Tea.

The landscape of activity at our Club got a bit wider on Sunday as some of the finer things from across the pond were celebrated at Silver Lakes. There's no better place than the green grass of a golf course to pull out those classy three-tier servers and get the sandwiches placed just so. Equally British was the delicious Curry dinner to follow as another day of variety and celebration played itself out. All this while another day full of golfers teed off on #1 and putted out on #18.

All this on a sunny weekend without a June Bride in sight - but we'll be seeing plenty of weddings coming up this summer!

Lots going on every day. When are you getting here?

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We'll see you soon. At Silver Lakes G&CC

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