October 31st at Silver Lakes

Tricks and Treats and to-do lists.

To start things off properly – Happy Halloween.

Like so many of our annual events that ended up in suspended reality during the Pandemic, it is wonderful to see this big day back in full force. Halloween is one of those days we can all share – which of course makes it great , but also made it an auto shut-down these last couple years…..Welcome back Halloween. We missed you.

As members of our respective families, all of us here see Halloween the same as you do – a wonderful day to celebrate and share and create memories with your family and your neighbours. As part of the team here at Silver Lakes – we see the other side of Halloween – a date stamp for our seasonal transition plan checklist.

While the month of October is an amazing run-up to October 31st for candy sales and costume discussion - for us, it's also a date to check on how we're doing as we prep for winter. Our month of October was full of statements like, "I want that done by Halloween", "Make sure it's prepped and ready before Halloween", "We'll start that project right after Halloween".

Are our irrigation lines blown out properly? Has our Aqua range been dealt with properly for a winter freeze? Is our course handling these crazy temperature adventures in a healthy manner? Will our remaining inventory in the shop and the kitchen be in line with our planning? We tend to use Halloween as a date stamp to check progress on so many things. It's actually kinda fun which is why, I guess, we lean toward that angle every October.

I've always wondered if Winter Season businesses do the same. Do ski Resorts reference Valentines Day as a timeline for some of their operational checks & balances? Maybe.

So, it's here. The day we've been referencing and looking forward to is here. Again, Happy Halloween from all of us here. This, of course, means that November lands tomorrow and we have a few things left to get done to make sure the course will be perfect again for next year. And Mother Nature is more Treats than Tricks and has another incredible week of weather ahead so get out here and play before this all ends.

It's October 31st, 2022. Have an awesome Halloween!

If you'd like to play some more golf this year - click here to book a time.

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