Labour Day Weekend Lookout.

We usually see the middle day of a long weekend as the best place to get the tee time you want. A bit different this weekend. Our sheets are pretty similar each of the 3 days this time.

Labour Day weekend always feels like the older sibling of the Long Weekends. Not as wild and carefree as the others - a bit more mature. It knows it signals a switch in gear in our mindset. Summer fun transitioning back to responsibilities.

So let's be responsible together. Timing and planning and preparation and scheduling are back in our lives so plan a time to visit that works for you. Here's the details to make certain your planning is just right.

Get your back to school shopping done early on the day you want to visit us. Our mornings are packed but after 12 noon the pickings get better as you get deeper into the day. Afternoon golf sounds good to us and our course is just perfect now as it dries up more each day from the rain last week.

So if last minute decision making is now out of fashion and planning and prep is back in - plan to play any of the 3 afternoons. We'll see you here.

To book a time click here

Enjoy your Labour Day Long Weekend.

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