It's August! What do you want to do?

Updated: Aug 4

It sure is fun having options back in our lives again. We've got a few for you to consider this month.

Kitchen & Dining at Silver Lakes

We are changing and we are growing. Fresh faces. Fresh menus. And as always in the month of August, fresh local ingredients are abundant. So come out and enjoy the new vibe of our Food & Beverage team.

Chef Kenny Johnson

Even though Chef Kenny's impressive kitchen resume should be the starter for any introduction of a Chef with his experience - Chef Kenny's Press Clippings demand attention! A 3-time participant on the Food Network Hit Show CHOPPED, Kenny has built out some air time on the Food Network over the years. Most impressively is his successful tour through the Food Network kitchen facing off against Bobby Flay. Successfully!

And what did he Beat Bobby Flay with you ask? Meatballs. A back-to-basics signature dish asking for subtlety & simplicity to come to life on your plate. Great win Chef!

We'll have more than a few opportunities for you to visit us and share this winning menu item with your friends and family. Most immediately is our August Nine 'n Dine evening coming Saturday 13th.

Meatballs meet golf balls! Great golf then great food from Chef Kenny. Click here to learn more and register. Make sure you hurry - we have limited space available.

For an enjoyable viewing of Chef Kenny's victory over Bobby - click here

F&B Director Siobhan Walsh

An industry eye that's been watching and learning across different styles and through different trends. Just what our Golf Club was hoping for.

First things first - pronunciation. Siobhan is pronounced Shi-vonn. Try it at home - there'll be a test later!

Siobhan has the street cred we were looking for. She's seen all types of operations and, as she puts it, "I've worked every job there is at a restaurant. I started at the bottom and worked my way to the top".

From her Fine Dining roots to her pivot toward the Brew Pub explosion - Siobhan has seen traditional - and she has also seen change. Now we here at Silver Lakes get to harvest the rewards of that depth of experience as Siobhan makes her next career move into the world of golf operations.

Golf Instruction

The 2nd half of the Summer brings on the 2nd half of our Junior Camps. Heads up for any family looking to have their kids join in - we still have some space in the last camp which is the last week of August - contact Josh Osborne here to enquire.

Lessons - The dog days of summer can sometimes apply to your golf game. That early season boost when you were playing well coming out of the winter is long gone and it might be time for a little attention. We can get you back on track for the balance of the year. Our Director of Golf Jon Kiru and his professional staff are always ready for a tune up or a spot check. Contact Jon here to learn more.

The Golf Course

Rave reviews are great. We like rave reviews. We know that because we have been getting them and it's wonderful! We here at the Club watch Greg and his turf crew work tirelessly every single day so it means very much to us all when his successful work is so appreciated. Thanks for the great comments from all of you who have been here this year.

Winter is coming! Those of us in the golf industry felt a little cheated when Game of Thrones co-opted that so successfully. The oncoming winter has always been a tidy little late-season sales pitch to remind golfers here in Canada that - tick, tick, tick - Winter is most definitely coming! Get those rounds in so you won't be unhappy with your math when the season is over. We just enjoyed the Civic Long Weekend which is a pretty good half way point for the golf season so if you promised yourself you'd get 40 rounds in this year - you should be half way there. If you're not at 20 rounds - time for a little focus and time to enjoy this course in the near future.

We are in the heart of our summer so keep enjoying yourself, keep pursuing all those options, and keep playing lots of golf!

Make sure we are on your list of things to do this August. We'll see you when you get here.

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