Holiday Party Bookings

Updated: Oct 13

2022 has been a strange year on a number of fronts as golf courses shift gears from front line protocol efforts back to normal operations.

One of the things we noticed this golf season was that many golf tournaments just decided to re-establish themselves late in the game. We took a lot of last-minute calls regarding help to bring a tournament back from a pandemic layoff, in short order!!

We did of course, and it is great seeing this aspect of the golf world swinging back into full gear. Tournaments are fun and they do great work for so many different charities. Keep you’re eyes here in the next few days for an update on the Rose Of Sharon tournament we hosted recently – great work indeed by all involved.

We are seeing the same thing now with Holiday parties. There must be a lot of those “should we or shouldn’t we?” chats going on in office hallways because the same pattern is emerging and we are handling it the same way. Please keep us in mind as a great gathering place to get away from the office.

So, for any of you who may be a week or two from your own self questioning – maybe get a head start and get on the phone with us quickly before your date of choice is tied up. It’s safe to say this Holiday season looks to be busier than we expected – so make your decision and make the call. We are so pleased to have this fun part of our operations back in gear. Whether it’s for 20 or 200, we can play host to your office or family gathering this season. It’s so nice to consider gathering again to celebrate together.

To learn more - contact our Clubhouse Manager Shelley Lane here

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