Goodbye 2022 Golf Season

That's it. That's a wrap. All done. See you next Spring.

Today is our last day of the golf season so just a quick nod to everyone to say thank your very much for a fun year and take the moment to show a couple pictures from the season we all just shared together.

First off. Greens conditions this year. We are all pretty spoiled here with the putting conditions we have consistently. Thanks to Greg and his team for giving us these incredible putting conditions all year long.

Next up. Sumer Golf Camps! The kids bring so much fun and energy to the Club - it's infectious having them around and we missed them when August turned to September.

Next? Fall beauty shots. Those poor leaves have been blown around a bit since they hit the ground a few weeks ago!

Next - For no reason other than he looks perfect here coming into impact - our Director of Golf Jon Kiru who said he needed to drop a couple LB's after looking at this picture. But was spotted with a mess of chicken wings on his desk earlier today. A great player and an excellent representative of the Club...thanks for the year Jon.

And lastly a quick video of the thick top-dress layer laid today on the greens to get them ready for their long nap.

Thanks again. We'll keep you up to date all winter long so keep your eyes open!

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