Canada Day Weekend Golf

I wonder if your household is anything like mine these days. Out of practice as a Long Weekend lies in front of us!

It's been two long years without having to plan out the moving parts for these wonderful, but very busy, Long Weekends with family & friends.

Who is available which day? What time should we eat for? Who's bringing what? Are we doing fireworks? When can we golf? Who remembers how to make S'mores?

Yes there is a lot of things going on but it all boils down to some Canada Day basics. Time with family. Time with friends. Some perspective on our privileges as Canadians. Food, drink, sparklers and fun.

Lots and lots of fun.

When it comes to planning ideas and getting organized - there's a neat website worth a look every once in a while. For those of you still with a few cobwebs left to shake off - a go-to list can always be helpful. At the bottom of this article is a link to a handy article with grilling BBQ options for this coming Canada Day Long Weekend - it's worth a look if you're stuck for an idea or two.

Here at Silver Lakes we want to make sure you are time managing properly to include golf this weekend. Remember, if family & friends & fun is the directive - golf belongs on that to-do list.

Like most Long Weekends, the middle day tends to be the most lightly used of the 3 golfing days. This weekend looks to be playing out the same.

So before we get to some tips on Canada Day Weekend grilling options, here is your lay-of-the-land for picking your golf window with us.

Saturday is looking like the lightest day for overall play so if your style is to book in the least busy window give Saturday a look. Anytime after 9:30 should be to your liking.

Friday is the busiest but still room for those of you who are the type to kick off the weekend with golf first. This National Holiday is one of the rare times our Friday League is off so if you've always wondered how to get a Friday afternoon time with us - this is the week to do it.

Sunday is the sweet spot in my books. When all those cars are clogging up the highways - the golf course is the place to be. I actually feel a little smug playing golf on those classic days when you know there's travel stress happening out there somewhere.

So book your golf with us as part of your Canada Day Weekend planning. These Weekends tend to have a back-to-basics feel. Not a ton of fanfare - no major tournaments or big clubhouse bookings. Just foursomes showing up and teeing up and then back to the balance of their weekend agenda. And it's always cool seeing how certain foursomes add their own Canadian flair with Canada flags and hats and shirts and more.

Be a part of it. We hope to be close to full when the weekend gets here so if you're picky about your times - best to book sooner than later!

Book your time to play.

And here is that link to some great BBQ ideas

Lastly, for any courageous bakers out there - here is a cool recipe for a Canadian Flag Cake

Happy Canada Day Weekend

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