And you think HWY 400 northbound is busy

Friday afternoons in July and August are for dreaming. Dreaming about what is coming up - which is a distinctly Summer thing to do. You don't have these types of dreams in February.

Is it a rural Town Fair you'll visit? A local Famer's Market? Is something happening in the city this weekend? Is it Pride weekend or Caribana weekend? Any major concerts blowing through town? Are the kids due for a Wonderland visit?

Weekend dreaming in the summer is the best. So much happening - keeping busy is great.

For many people, those weekend dreams evolve into weekend travel realities as they head north to a lovely weekend in cottage country - but the northbound lanes of HWY 400 this afternoon are the path to get there. Busy indeed.

For the much needed Summer segue back here to Silver Lakes - we are, uh, busy too.

Are we ever. Our 3rd Junior Camp week just wrapped this afternoon, as of right now we are less than an hour from our Friday League taking over our 1st tee deck, we are prepping hole signs and banners and all sorts of on-course activations for a 9:00 am shotgun tomorrow, and Chef is in the kitchen beginning the process of making a ton of meatballs for our Nine 'n Dine tomorrow night.

We're busy, you're busy and our tee sheets are busy for today and tomorrow. So start thinking about Sunday if weekend golf is creeping into your thoughts. We are busier before noon but some spots available in the afternoon if you want to add 18 holes to your Summer dreaming. We all deserve it.

Hope we see you this weekend. If not - enjoy your own busy schedule and we'll see you soon.

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